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"How efficient are our processes and where is there room for improvement?" It doesn't matter if you've only been using Lean for a short time or have gained experience over years, at some point everyone asks themselves this question. Through an objective analysis, we measure your lean maturity level and transparently uncover optimization potential. In doing so, we show you with tips and tricks from practice how even stalled processes can be optimized. Finally, the further development of your system can be realigned and further triggered with targeted impulses. Because without further development, you fall behind and die out (loosely based on Darwin).


The step after the pilot project

If Lean is applied in the project, experience shows that restrictions quickly become apparent due to the existing corporate culture, which has since been behind the problems of the projects. Furthermore, it is not sufficient to transfer an existing Lean system 1:1 to other projects with their peculiarities. Therefore, we support with our powerful roll-out system the smooth transfer to other projects, but also to other company departments such as acquisition or back-office.

Key figures

The root of improvement

Key figures can be used to specifically identify problems and obstacles. Therefore, you must not stop at pure process key figures! In the same way, project progress as well as medium and long-term effects should be evaluated transparently. These are not only necessary for project management. They also form the firm foundation for improvement.

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We accompany you through all phases of the Lean Evolution

PLACE Strategy supports you throughout the entire change process. For this purpose, we provide you with an experienced and interdisciplinary team.

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