How to implement Lean Construction correctly

Lean Construction and Lean Design stand for a sustainable management philosophy in the construction industry that aims to optimize performance and increase productivity.

We will show you which strategies and approaches you can use to Implementation of Lean Construction effectively to optimize construction processes by reducing and eliminating waste and to make them transparent for all parties involved.

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Look for your potential for improvement

Aim at the Implementation of Lean Construction is to first record all process steps and examine them for their added value and eliminate inefficiencies.

It is important to understand that process steps can be divided into different categories: The value-added work, the non-value-added but necessary activities, and the waste. To make your processes lean, you need to reduce the necessary activities and eliminate the waste.

Through the Analysis and evaluation of your construction processes, you will be able to identify and exploit optimisation potential in your construction processes. This will not only increase your efficiency, but also avoid expensive fire brigade actions and a lot of stress.

Flexibility and commitment

The implementation of Lean Construction requires an opening of the strongly hierarchical structures in construction. This is because Lean Construction and in particular the Last Planner System aims to optimally integrate all participants with their specific expertise into the process. In the development of lean construction methods, a lot has been tried out in the past and some mistakes have also been made, so the methods could always be improved.

"He who always does what he already can, always remains what he already is."
Henry Ford

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initiate change

To implement, your company's executives must be at the forefront of this change. The implementation will only be truly successful if the management level exemplifies the new methods.

Through continuous improvements, changing and adapting workflows, and eliminating existing waste, your employees experience success with the new system. This increases acceptance and enables further improvements. Therefore, the change in the mindset of all employees is particularly important. We achieve this necessary change in our Lean Construction Workshops.


Take the first step in the right direction

The first big step lies in the common goal-oriented communication and collaborative cooperation with all participants. However, this does not require more time, rather the focus of the respective meetings must be properly controlled.

This shift in mindset includes focusing on efficiency and optimization potential. When you Implement Lean Construction correctlythe increased efficiency will be reflected in optimized productivity.

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