The future of the construction industry

The topic of digitalization is on everyone's lips and is often dismissed as a "fad". The fact is, however, that we are facing a new economic and technical revolution. In order to remain internationally competitive, it is important not to miss this new wave of modernization in the construction industry. After all, globally speaking, the construction industry is the least digitized sector of the economy. That is why we want to lead the construction industry into the future with digital lean construction solutions.


What digitization actually means

Digitization does not mean digitally mapping everything by hook or by crook. Nevertheless, the digitalization and technologies of the 21st century enable us to carry out many tasks and activities even more efficiently and to make data-based decisions. After all, it is precisely the evaluation of data and the associated continuous improvement, one of the lean principles, makes the next stage of the lean evolutionthat make digitizing so valuable.

All data centralized and available!

The biggest advantage of Digital Lean Construction is the central data management. This means that all information is always available and in one place. This means that you can call up any planning status at any time and track all changes in the complete history. Thus, Digital Lean Construction also enables you to automatically generate meeting minutes of construction meetings. In addition, questions, answers and decisions can be documented as well as defects and their elimination.

Simplify your processes & act quickly on discrepancies.

We combine all the advantages of Digital Lean Construction in our "Yolean" software. With the software we accelerate the signaling and communication in planning and on the construction site. Consequently, Yolean helps you to detect small deviations at an early stage in order to prevent large deviations and fire actions at an early stage. This allows those who depend on the operations at risk to quickly plan for and respond to the new circumstances. Ultimately, you avoid stress, schedule shifts & rising costs.

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