3 reasons why Excel is not suitable for planning in construction.


Microsoft Office programs simplify our everyday life.

They are simple, straightforward and can be operated collaboratively - or are they?

In this article you will learn why Microsoft Excel is not always the best planning tool, especially in construction.

1. which version???

Excel offers extensive possibilities to be edited simultaneously. Nevertheless, the Upload mostly delayed and must be partially processed again by other processors updated be

Thus, it happens that different project members work simultaneously on different versions of a document and misunderstandings occur within the communication.

In yolean changes are made in Real-time visible. So you can collaborative plan within a software - without the fear of being one memory version too far behind...

2. who does what???

Keeping track of various information and deadlines can be complicated enough - without a precise overview of responsibilities and Dependencies among each other, however, this is sheer impossible!

Since Excel works very statically despite its extensive capabilities, it can be take time to get used to it finds its way and find out what belongs to your Area of responsibility heard

With yolean each project member receives a calendar that is tailored to his or her cropped view presented and can even use them at will Customize!

3. learning from mistakes

No project runs 1:1 the same. Therefore, it is essential to get something out of every project. New to take along and learn. With Excel, errors are not visible, nor are you evaluated. Thus, the same problem can reappear from time to time. With digital planning software like yolean, the entire process is evaluated with key figures and individual steps are evaluated according to their success. In this way, nothing can go wrong the next time and the team learns to deal with mistakes. transparent and constructively.


Would you also like to learn from your mistakes and plan more efficiently in the future?

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