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What project managers say about lean construction:

Lean Management for the Construction Industry -
Five principles for process optimization

Lean management means "creating value without waste" (waste, Japanese "muda"). The goal is to optimally coordinate all activities that are necessary for the creation of value. In this way, you avoid superfluous activities. First, you identify the added value from the customer's point of view in order to know his needs. Then you look at the value stream and optimize it. This is done comprehensively with all services from the raw material to the finished service/product. Learn more about the 5 Lean Principles here.
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Lean Construction Management -
What does Lean mean for the construction industry?

The increasing complexity in construction projects requires a rethinking in the construction industry. Due to the increasing number of project participants, growing project volumes and higher time pressure, this pressure is intensified, while the quality of the services on the construction site decreases. Studies show that only 54% of the commitments made or planned deliverables in a week are actually met. Therefore, it is more and more difficult to achieve the customers' goals in terms of cost, time and quality. Consequently, Lean Construction methods emerged from this situation.
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Last Planner System - Lean in perfection

With the Last Planner system, projects are viewed and optimized systematically and from a bird's eye view. Initially, the project is analyzed in a total process analysis (GPA) and an overview of the value streams in the production process is created. Subsequently, a milestone/phase plan (MPP) is derived from the GPA, which represents the planning for a specific time period. Consequently, the first project milestones are already recorded in the MPP and validated from back to front according to the pull principle. Subsequently, the 5+1 week preview provides a daily process & activity overview of the next six weeks. In the individual weeks, all activities are visualized simply & understandably with Post'its ® or our digital solution Yolean.

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Digital Lean Construction - Even easier and more accessible

So far, most lean systems in the construction industry are based on Post'its ®. Even if this works smoothly in the execution of construction projects, the planning phase poses other challenges to a Lean system. This is because it is not possible to gather all the planners in a central location for a Lean meeting every week. That's why we work with a digital solution that allows us to take Lean Construction to the next level. Experience the benefits of using Lean Systems digitally.
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