Digital clock planning-

Acceleration and optimization of the workflow


Digital cycle planning in the construction industry

Optimize your construction time, costs and quality through cycle planning in your construction projects.

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With digital cycle planning, we support you in this, speed up your construction processes and the Security in your Production process Sync and corrections by n17t01 guarantee.
Through the clocked completion increase You your Efficiency, save simultaneously Costs and bring your Construction sites back on track!

Process analysis

Cycle planning

Identify function clusters

In the first step, the building project should be divided into so-called functional clusters. That is, into areas whose activities are very similar (e.g. 1st floor, 2nd floor, etc.).

Determine standard room unit

For each function cluster, the repeat element (standard room unit=SRE for short) should now be defined. The SRE can, for example, represent a residential unit (2 rooms, one bathroom, one WC).

define the steps

For the detailed work analysis, the necessary work steps should be further defined for each defined LRU.

Form and harmonize packages

The work steps are combined into work packages and then lined up one after the other like wagons (the actual takt). By defining a takt time, all work packages/wagons can be given the same speed and harmonized.

Derive a timed schedule

The result is now a harmonized cycle plan that shows all production dates according to temporal and spatial components. This can then be viewed collaboratively by all project participants in a digital version.

The results


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