Simulation and training workshops

Construction site managers are among the specialists in the German economy with the highest workload in terms of time, and at the same time they must also act as generalists.

Through the use of Lean construction methods help make work more predictable and safer, and contribute to easing the burden on performers through efficient planning and control of construction projects.

To bring you closer to the methods of Lean Construction, we offer a series of hands-on and interactive simulations and training workshops. With the Last PlannerĀ® System we will introduce you to a proven lean method with special unique features

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What can you achieve with Lean Construction?


Adhered to schedule & budget Olympic Stadiums London


Commitments kept


Lower accident rate


Reduced costs

Impress your customers with Lean Construction.

Our claim to your satisfaction

Learn in practical simulations the Lean principles and experience first-hand the advantages of lean project management compared to traditional project management.

In doing so, we work with you to build the fundamental competencies to increase efficiency in the future through collaborative work, reduce stress levels, and ensure the long-term project success of your company.

Our workshops awaken the desire to implement projects with lean methods by showing the participants the personal added value. This makes them more motivated and committed, also for future projects.

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We accompany you through all phases of the Lean Evolution

PLACE Strategy supports you throughout the entire change process. For this purpose we provide you with an experienced and interdisciplinary team.

Benefit from our expertise with Lean.

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