One team – one goal: Lean construction processes!

We help our customers to become more efficient through targeted process optimization.

The Team

In recent years, we have gained experience in lean implementation in various large-scale projects. That’s why our team of engineers, architects and business economists has made it their goal to make the construction industry even more efficient. Like our customers, we strive for perfection and have realized that lean systems are undergoing evolution. Für seine innovativen Ansätze wurde Geschäftsführer Maximilian Weik mit dem Industriebaupreis des IREM ausgezeichnet. Our interdisciplinary team will help you get a new perspective on your processes. Both in the planning and implementation of construction projects.

Get to know us

Our self-perception

More than just consulting. In our projects, we do not act as a traditional consultant, but rather as a trainer and moderator. In doing so, we not only show how something could work, but also accompany you and your team in the implementation of lean methods in the day-to-day work of the project. As sparring partners, we are constantly on the lookout for further improvements. After all, our goal is to establish a culture of improvement.

Our guiding principles

Understanding problems, developing solutions.

Our interdisciplinary team brings together real estate development, planning, execution & operation. We understand the problems of our customers and can develop and implement targeted solutions.

We see ourselves as a multiplier.

In our projects, we achieve long-term success with our customers through sustainable process optimization. In doing so, we are committed to a partnership and enable you to further improve your processes yourself in the long term.

The best of both worlds.

Construction is hitting digitalization. As a construction- & process-experienced team, we know the challenges of the construction industry. Our development partner Yolean from Sweden specializes in software solutions for lean. This combination makes us understand your problems and solve them directly in our software.